Sherri Kimes

How to re-position your F&B to succeed in the 'new' restaurant reality from "Asia Pacific"

A Session by Professor Sherri Kimes (Emeritus Professor, Cornell & Visiting Professor, NUS)

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About this Session

The F&B industry is at the threshold of a major change in how they operate and survive. The lockdowns associated with Covid-19 has accelerated this change with the advent of safe distancing and the prohibition of dine-in business, but the underlying inevitability of change was already present.

Over the past few years, customers have shown a growing preference for off-premise dining (i.e. delivery, takeaway, meal kits), yet many F&B operators have not embraced this trend, and if so, have embraced it half-heartedly because of its lower profitability. At the same time, technology has become a dominating force in our daily lives, yet many F&B operators have not made the necessary investments to prepare themselves for the future.

During the various lockdowns, restaurants have had to offer off-premise dining and have had to adopt technology in order to survive. That, in addition to the current safe distancing and hygiene requirements, have caused a rapid transition to the ‘new’ restaurant reality.

In this session, we will talk about how to re-position your F&B to succeed in the 'new' restaurant reality.


17 June 2020, 03:30 AM

03:30 AM - 04:50 AM

About The Speakers

Sherri Kimes

Professor Sherri Kimes

Emeritus Professor, Cornell & Visiting Professor, NUS