Mohamed Abu Basha

Director, Head of Macroeconomic Analysis, EFG Hermes Holding

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Mohamed Abu Basha is EFG Hermes’s Head of Macroeconomic Analysis covering Emerging and Frontier economies with over 13 years of experience in macro-related equity sell-side research. He also contributes regularly to our equity strategy research. Abu Basha was ranked amongst the top 10 analysts and the leading economist in MENA at the Extel 2017-2019 survey for global funds.

Prior to joining EFG Hermes, Abu Basha worked as an Economic Researcher at the Ministry of International Cooperation in Egypt since 2006, where he focused on impact evaluation studies on projects financed by foreign donors. Abu Basha holds a BA from the American University in Cairo, double-majoring in Economics and Political Science.

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State of the economy & an outlook on the Region "Middle East"

17 June 2020, 06:45 AM
Mohamed Abu Basha Shadi Kaddoura